Monday, October 29, 2012

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Water heaters are typically huge electrical hogs or fuel hogs, and this depends on the type of energy you use to create your hot water. And for men and women who have large families this is something that actually costs more money.

Up until lately, there was no way for you to scale back on the energy needed to develop hot water mainly because the demand for hot water always remained.  In this post we are going to be looking at a program called build your own solar water heater, that will show you how to create hot water using the power of the sun.

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One of the greatest things about building your own solar water heater would be the fact that you will be able to save up to 33% off of your electric bill or fuel bill.  I should not need to mention that this kind of savings can end up being rather large for many family's. 


A lot of families who use electricity to create hot water can end up paying about $200 a month for their electric bill.  This equates to a savings of $70.00 every single month if you determine that a solar water heater would be the best way to go. This winds up being a savings that could reach over $800 in a year's time, which for many people can wind up being two paychecks.

Another thing you'll most likely like relating to this program is that for about $70.00 they show you how to build your own solar water heater.  This is in fact about the same amount of money you'll have the ability to save off your first electric bill.  And because of the low cost of setting this up there is no reason that every person shouldn't be doing this.

Another thing you need to realize about this system is that it is not only good for saving cash but you are going to also be helping the planet it the same time.  Every person knows what bad shape the planet is in right now so everything you can do towards saving it is going to help. 

And for all of those people out there who believe in living a green life, this will be an excellent addition to your house.  While helping the planet should be enough reason for you to build one of these for yourself, the fact that you can save money should certainly make this a no brainer.

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