Sunday, November 18, 2012


We are at the start of the holiday season. It is time to start counting down to Christmas. The kids are making their lists and asking for everything they see on tv. So why not give them something to countdown the days that are left?

A chocolate advent calendar is an inexpensive way for kids to keep track of the days left until Christmas. They will open up a door everyday for 24 days. Behind each door is a chocolate candy.

There are several different designs. Some are biblical, santa coming, and winter designs. The biblical are cool as they give a bible versus and a chocolate behind each door.

Look at the different chocolate advent calendar designs here:

  1. Biblical Advent Calendars
  2. Santa Advent Calendar
  3. Jumbo Advent Calendar
  4. Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar
  5. More Advent Calendars

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