Friday, December 14, 2012

Two Fun Hobbies You Can Do At Home

There are several crafts that you can take up at home. But rarely do you find one that can you can use for gift giving or profit. What can be better than doing something that you are passionate about and possible making a little bit of side money too.

You can make candles from home easily without a lot of overhead. Make candles for yourself to display in your home or make candles to give to friends and family. Who doesn't like candles?

You can learn more about how to make candles at home here.

You can make your own diaper cakes to give away as a gift for a baby shower, a welcome to the family for a newborn, or a Christining gift. You can even make diaper cakes and sell them.

Take a look at all the diaper cake pictures to get ideas.

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