Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wooden Picnic Table Plans - DIY Picnic Table

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How excited you would be to have your friends and family compliment you on your beautiful woodworking abilities. It is not as hard as you may think to build a picnic table with the best wooden picnic table plans, that you can proudly show off at your next bar-b-que.  If you have one day free from other tasks you can build a wooden picnic table.

Now that you want to build a picnic table there is 3 picnic tables to choose from with these wooden picnic table plans.

  1. Plans Picnic Table
  2. Plans For Picnic Table
  3. Hexagon Picnic Table Plans
  4. Octagon Picnic Table Plans
  5. Type of Wood For A Picnic Table
  6. Click Here For Your Picnic Table Plans
  7. Tools Needed To Build Your Picnic Table
  8. Tools Needed To Build Your Picnic Table
  9. Optionally Tools To Build Your Picnic Table
  10. Garden Seat To Match Your Picnic Table
  11. Garden Seat With Table

A frame picnic table An A frame picnic table is can comfortably fit 4 adults or 6 children. They are nothing fancy and are small but they get the job done. A place to sit and enjoy a great bar-b-que with your family.

Hexagon picnic table The hexagon picnic table gives the choice of a small hexagon table or a large hexagon table. The small picnic table seats 6 adults comfortably and even more children. The small hexagon picnic table is great for a family. Round up the kids and enjoy a nice meal together outside.

The large hexagon picnic table seats 12 adults comfortably. With a hexagon picnic table you are all seated around each other to make visiting with one another easy. You will be able to have dinner with your family and friends and not have to worry about where you are going to seat everyone.

Both sizes of the hexagon picnic table are made with only one angle for ease of building. You will not have to cut several angles and then try to fit it all together. It is made all with 60 degree angles.

Octagon picnic table Plenty of room for your next bar-b-que with one of these tables. Build  a small octagon picnic table or a large octagon picnic table you may choose from with these plans. The small one seats 8 adults very comfortably. 

The large octagon picnic table is a massive table that will seat 16 adults comfortably. There is enough room for everybody here. This is the perfect choice in picnic tables if you are the entertainer of your family or friends. Always have a place for everybody with one of these bad boys.

Both of the octagon tables only use two angles. 60 degrees for the table legs and 45 degrees for the table.

While you do not need to be a skilled carpenter to do this it will help if you have some basic carpentry skills. With some carpentry skills you can build a picnic table in a day. Even with the large octagon table although you may need a friend or two to help shift this picnic table into position. Can you smell those steaks cooking yet?


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