Friday, February 18, 2011

Build A Backyard Greenhouse

Have you decided to build a backyard greenhouse but don't know type of backyard greenhouse you want to build. You need to consider the size of your yard and how many plants you are going to grow. Are you an avid gardener that grows a lot of plants or a hobby gardener that has a few prize plants to grow? Build a backyard greenhouse to suit your needs.


The four most common types of greenhouse are:


Victorian greenhouse,

Hoop greenhouse or quonset greenhouse,

Lean to greenhouse, and

Mini greenhouse or grow rack greenhouse.


The Victorian greenhouse is a nice looking energy efficient greenhouse. The gable roof allows better heat and cooling efficiency. The straight up and down sides allow for easy movement without worrying about hitting your head on sloping sides.  Build the Victorian greenhouse in small or large yards. Choose the size that fits your needs.


The hoop style greenhouse or Quonset greenhouse is an easy and usually cheaper to build greenhouse.  Hoop style greenhouses are easy to maintain and allow for growing many plants of your choice. You can build the hoop greenhouse as long as your yard and needs permit. There is no limit.


The lean to greenhouse is an excellent option for a smaller yard or an indoor gardener. Build the lean to greenhouse onto the side of an existing building such as your house, shed, or garage. Build the lean to greenhouse onto the side of your house with a door into the greenhouse from your house and let your house do the heating and cooling.


The grow rack greenhouse is a mini greenhouse. The mini greenhouse is perfect for a small gardener or a gardener that has no yard. Don't let no yard stop you from gardening. Place this mini greenhouse on your patio or deck and grow any plant you choose.


Regardless of what style backyard greenhouses are great for the devoted gardener and hobby gardener. Build a backyard greenhouse to grow year-round plants, shrubbery, specialty flowers, ornamentals, and so much more.


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