Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phil and Teds Stroller Reviews

The Phil And Teds Stroller, Reviews Show It’s a Top Pick
If you’ve read Phil and Teds stroller reviews, you know that many active parents love this stroller for its light weight and slim design.  Appropriate in most any terrain, the Phil and Teds is great for the grocery store or the park. Phil and Teds Smart Stroller is the most compact of the strollers.

Designed with active parents in mind, this stroller is perfect for jogging in the park or navigating the narrow aisles of a clothing store. Its versatility is what makes this stroller the top choice. If you’ve ever used one of the cumbersome double strollers, you know that although they’re sturdy, they’re often not practical in tight spots or narrow aisle ways.  This has left many parents struggling when taking out more than one child that needs to ride in the stroller.  The inline doubles design of the Phil and Teds positions one child in front of the other so that the width is like that of a single stroller.

The air filled tires provide a smooth ride while easily navigating bumpy terrain. The hard plastic of other strollers often transfers the vibrations up through the stroller and right to the handle. This results not only in a bumpy ride for your toddler, but also means your arms can get fatigued. Having a smooth riding stroller is comfortable for both you and your child.

The adjustable handle height is an added comfort for those taller parents who may have struggled with strollers that didn’t have this feature. There’s no hunching over the stroller while straining your back. Pushing the stroller with back pain can often cut your walk short or shorten your shopping trip.

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